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  • Kenaf Project

  • Kenaf Project

  • Kenaf Project

  • Kenaf Project

  • Kenaf Project

Kenaf Project

Sustainable Supply Chain of KENAF in Bangladesh

Development Wheel (DEW) is implementing another livelihood project titled “Sustainable Supply chain of KENAF in Bangladesh” from 1st of October 2015. Project partners are GIZ, BMW, DEW (Implementing Organization) and Rain Forest Alliance. KENAF is one kind of Jute with high quality natural fiber which BMW is buying from Bangladesh to use for their new model BMW car’s interior decoration with ensuring sustainable environmental standards-SAN.

Goal of the project: To ensure sustainable livelihoods through supply chain for the poor and marginal kenaf producers in Tangail district.

Objectives/Purpose: To increase the kenaf production by the poor and marginal farmers living in the Tangail district through enhancing the farmer’s technical knowledge related to kenaf production, ensure access to quality seeds, environmental protection and standards (SAN), capacity building and sustainable marketing linkages.

DEW is working with 960 KENAF farmers directly in Ghatail, Tangail Sadar and Gopalpur upazils of Tangail district.

Completed Activities:

  • Group formation (24) presents 898 out of 960
  • Field Office setup (3)
  • Training for trainers
  • Group training on Best Management  Practices and SAN standards
  • Monthly courtyard meeting (On going 63) 1778 farmers participated
  • Social mapping
  • Waste management  
  • Selection of demo plots-11 farmers Goplapur-5, Ghatail-6
  • Seed collection and distribution Subsidized price Tk. 300 + 300 for 1 kg
  • Manual distribution
  • Seed production land selection and prepration-2 farmer in Goplalpur 150 dcm land


Total training -24, participants-898 farmers

Field visit:

Nov-25, Dec-45, January-48, February-68, March-75, April-42

Total meeting: 63

Participants: 1,778 farmers

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